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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Princess Georgina Windsor - Starter of Imaginary Biography

Princess Georgina was born in Kensington Palace, London on the 10th May 1986. The long-awaited daughter of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, she is the younger sister of Prince William (second in line to the throne) and Prince Harry. The fifth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, she is said to be Her Majesty’s favourite, despite her tumultuous past.

Her Royal Highness’ early years were happy ones as the cracks in Charles and Diana’s marriage had not yet begun to appear. She was a cheerful child and was referred to by her nanny as ‘bright, vivacious and full of life’. Diana simply adored Georgina and would spend hours playing in the nursery. Charles, for his part, was delighted to have a daughter and doted on the little girl he called 'Georgie'.

As a young girl, Princess Georgina's clothes were a subject of global interest, her glamorous mother dressing her with the ubiquitous 'Diana' style and, on the face of it, this was the epitome of a happy British family. However, as Georgina grew up, her parents became embroiled in a bitter divorce, hardly speaking to each other for months on end. Although the princess had a close and protective relationship with her older brothers, her parents' separation and subsequent divorce left her feeling 'torn' and 'confused' and these feelings began to manifest themselves in poor behaviour at school and in her social life.

On the 31st August 1998, disaster struck when Princess Diana was involved in a fatal car accident in Paris. She was pronounced dead hours later and the young Princess lost her adored mother.

Intro to a shared write/indpedent write:

Roberto Vianna is arguable Italy’s most celebrated chef. Having cooked for royalty and celebrities worldwide his Michelin-starred restaurant attracts the most discerning customers, yet this jovial, affable man with a gusto for gastronomy – now the richest man in Italy – came from very humble beginnings.

What Not To Do

BAD BIOGRAPHY Joe Bloggs was born in 1923 and is arguably the world's best scientist. He is famous for making potions and magic spells.

When Joe was a child, he had a sister, she is mean, he was always picked on for being such a nerd - he liked playing the recorder though - oh I forgot, his dad was really strict too. He had one brother called Simon, a rabbit called Thumper and a little tiny kitten called Teeny. He likes hamsters. After his mother died (she died of a broken leg) his father ran off to join the circus. He also only had one leg (it had blown off in the war) but Joe was totally fine and continued to make potions.

One day at school, his friend said 'Hey, are you making a potion?' Joe said 'Yes I am and I will make potions and make lots of money.'

He went to university to study potion making where he met a girl who he really liked. They got married after one date but then she went mad. He decided to cure her with his potions. But accidentally he killed her - he didn't mind much as she was really crazy, but actually then the police came after him. He ran off and nobody knows where he is now....

But his potions live on, that's if you want to poison someone!!

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