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Candle In The Dark - re-writing for tension and suspense at a point in the story.

Jimmy's heart was racing as he reached the river. Were they still following him? Had he lost them? He glanced around furtively. No-one. Good he was safe - at least for now. Alone in the darkness, he listened. In the distance he could still hear the barking of the hounds. They would come for him, he knew it. He would have to cross the river, but how? No bridge was there to help him, and the river was far too deep to wade through. The rapid flow of the water did not bode well; it was sure to have a strong current. He would need all his strength of body and mind to ensure he reached the other side.

A loud bark interrupted Jimmy's thought process, and in that split second his decision was made. He filled his lungs with the night air and jumped - now it was quite literally sink or swim!

K McCallam©

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