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Penelope Clancy - to tell or not to tell?

Mrs Humphreys peered at Penelope through her half-rimmed spectacles.

" Well," she said "Who was it? You might as well tell me Penelope Clancy.I know you saw the culprit!"

Penelope's heart pounded in her chest as all eyes in the classroom fell upon her, no doubt all wondering if she was actually going to do it. Would she really tell on Cecilia Winterburn - the most feared girl in the whole class?

Anxiously, Penelope edged from one foot to the other as she weighed up whose wrath was likely to be the least painful. She was new to the school and didn't want to upset Mrs Humphreys whose shouty voice terrified the life out of her. What Cecilia had done was definitely wrong.. she knew that but...

Penelope glanced up from her feet, and her eyes locked with Cecelia's, who was sneakily patting a fist into one of her hands and glaring threateningly in Penelope's direction.

"Penelope! Who did it?" demanded Mrs Humphreys.

" I, err........, " stammered Penelope. What on earth was she going to do?

K McCallam©

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