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School Uniforms: An Unwanted Relic?

Persuasive text in favour of school uniform

A recent educational report suggested that school uniforms were unneccesary, uncomfortable and outmoded. Its author argued that all children should have the right to wear their own clothes to school and that wearing a uniform was neither desired nor required. Utter nonsense! Schools and uniforms in Britain have been interlinked since schools began, and doing away with the uniform in all schools would be a disaster!

It is argued that children should be allowed to wear whatever they like to school as forcing them to wear uniform is taking away their right to express themselves. I have never heard anything so ludicrous in all my life! Self expression indeed! I do not think that children should use their clothes to express themselves whilst at school. School is for learning, not a fashion parade. The fact is that children nowadays think about clothes and fashion far too much anyway. Is school not the one place where they can still be children and not have to try to look like pop stars or footballers?

Another point these do-gooders raise is that school uniform is often expensive and uncomfortable, yet buying one quality outfit per year is surely preferable to purchasing the hundred of different outfits required to keep up with the fashion parade. The average cost of a child’s uniform is merely £100 per year. Now, think about the cost of funding a child’s wardrobe if they wore different clothes throughout the school year. Expensive. Moreover, most schools are sensitive to the expense of a uniform and allow clothing to be worn that is readily available from local supermarkets at a very reasonable price. In addition, school uniform can be recycled and passed on to younger pupils within the same school - another cost-saving activity, not to mention the benefits regarding sustainability.

Finally, some people believe that since children rarely wear the uniform correctly, there is no point in having one. This argument is preposterous! It is surely up to the teachers to reinforce rules and regulations and ensure that the uniform is worn appropriately. A uniform that is worn according to school rules sets the right tone for the whole school community. It says that pupils are proud to be part of that school, that the school has a strong identity and it is definitely not to be abolished because teachers can’t be bothered to ensure it is worn correctly.

Uniform is part of our British heritage and should remain. Full Stop.

Mrs T Raditional

K McCallam©

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There are some fair points of why we should wear school clothes, but I think that we should be able to choose which clothes to wear, because we will be able to use them in other places outside of school.

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