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Willy Wonka Characters Inferred from Speech

"Daddy! I want it and I want it now!" screamed Verucca, stamping her foot against the shiny marble floor of the department store.

"But, but, but Verucca my sweet pea - you've already got plenty of dresses. I'm not really sure you need this one...and besides it's rather a lot of money," Mr Salt reasoned with his daughter.

"You are so cruel and mean, Daddy! I do have dresses but they're all horrid, and I certainly haven't got one as nice as this. I simply must have it!" Verucca folded her arms and shoved out her bottom lip. She looked across at Mr Salt, who was furtively flicking through his well-worn leather wallet.

'Just one more push and that dress is mine,' she thought with a determined glint in her eye.

"Now Daddy...are you seriously telling me that you don't want your daughter to be the belle of the ball, that you want me to turn up looking like a tramp? Do you want to embarass me in front of all my friends? Do you want me to sit in a corner all night in a tatty, old dress....all... alone? Why just thinking about it makes me want to weep!" And with that, Verucca squeezed out one perfectly-formed, large tear, followed by another then another.

That was quite enough for Mr Salt.

"Don't cry my angel. We'll take it!" he announced, making his way to the cash register. A triumphant Verucca smiled smugly behind him.

K McCallam ©

“Augustus Gloop, how come you’re always the last person to get changed for your games lesson, but the first child to get changed at the end of the lesson?” asked Mrs Dean.

Augustus smiled to himself. Games was before lunch and he would NEVER be late for lunch! Today, he nearly wasn’t the first person in the class to get out of the changing-room because of his troublesome zip! He really needed a new pair of trousers; they would be his fifth pair this term.

As he ran, waddling like a penguin across the playground to the lunch hall, the smell of pizza wafted up his nostrils. Pizza was much better than his dad’s lamb chops that he sold daily. Even better, it was chocolate cake with cream for dessert today.

E. Hardy (Year 5) ©

Augustus is at an all-you-can-eat buffet

"Augustus darlink, I think you've had enough, don't you?" proposed Mrs Gloop, in despair. Augustus seemed to be licking the pattern off the plate!

"That was merely a starter!" announced Augustus, his eyes viewing the buffet in greedy anticipation. He had, up to this point, devoured, 5 hotdogs, 6 cans of coke, 2 chicken breasts and a 15 inch pizza! It was fair to say that Augustus was a 'rather chubby' child!

Augustus in a sweet shop

"Who's next?"enquired the sweet shop owner, smiling expectantly.

"Me!" yelled Augustus, pushing his way to the front of the queue. "I want five packs of fruit pastilles, ten Wonka bars, a bag of marshmellows and a giant sized lollipop."

"My goodness, well that will be....."

"No!" interrupted Augustus." I haven't finished. Sixteeen gobstoppers, eight curly wurlys....."

K McCallam

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