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Dragon's Den - Characters Inferred

Peter Jones had had quite enough. After listening to the nervous ramblings of yet another ‘entrepreneur’, he announced with annoyance, "I’m out!’ The frustrated man had interrupted the discussions of his fellow 'dragons', and the producer would not be happy. He had not played along and dragged out the inevitable like he should have, yet Peter felt absolutely confident that automatic toilet roll dispensers were not going to be a viable investment.

Duncan Bannatyne stroked his chin suspiciously and eyed the ‘entrepreneur’ before him. Was this hairbrush worth investing his last £50,000 in? The name was pretty good: Tangle Teezer, but wasn’t the market already saturated with hair styling tools? He looked again at the inventor, who was nervously brushing the hair of a Girl’s World. There was something amiss, but the Scotsman couldn’t quite put his finger on it....

K McCallam ©

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