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This 60 mins course examines:
- why phonics and reading fluency matters for secondary schools
- what phonics is
- how to assess reading fluency alongside reading comprehension 
- how to teach reading fluency in daily practice and when and how to source specialist intervention

Teachers and Leaders will leave the course: 
- Knowing how to obtain essential diagnostics in order to implement the right support 
- Knowing what best practice is for optimal pupil outcomes and what is required to be 'inspection-ready' 
- With a fundamental knowledge of phonics and its place in the science of reading
- With useful teaching strategies to implement both quickly and longer term
- With a generous resource/hand-outs package for revision and future reference


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Kate's session on phonics as an introduction to phonics for secondary school teachers was just what we needed to help support our pupils on their reading journey. She covered what we needed to know for Ofsted, explained how phonics is taught and gave us a number of practical exercises we can embed in our classroom practice. 

Cheryl Rosen, Assistant Headteacher, St Thomas More Catholic School, North London 


The session delivered by Kate was highly informative and thoroughly engaging.  Our teaching staff and teaching assistants all found the course extremely helpful.  It gave us a useful insight into how phonics is taught and real practical strategies that staff could use in their classroom to support children improve their reading.   I would recommend Kate without hesitation.

Rob Grierson, Deputy Headteacher, Boroughbridge High School, North Yorkshire


Kate has worked with HEP on how schools can show the processes of monitoring and supporting reading at KS3, which has been part of our Ofsted support framework . The secondary schools have all found it helpful and have put in place much of what Kate recommended. Kate’s training  has been extremely helpful in enabling our secondary schools to feel confident in terms of what they do for reading in KS3 and more prepared for Ofsted and any questions in regard to what the schools do to support reading. At the same time she has provided them with what early reading and reading looks like at Primary so they have a far better understanding of the transition from KS2 to KS3.

Heather de Silva, Lead for Professional Learning and History Teacher, Haringey  Education Partnership 

Combined Participant Feedback (all schools/trusts)

93% of participants rated this course as 'excellent' (7% very good)

93% felt they'd gained a deeper understanding of phonics and reading fluency 

93% felt that the course provided them with helpful teaching strategies to improve their practice

93% intented to use /apply what they learnt from the course in their future practice


93% would definitely recommned this course to others

93% felt the course provider was very knowledgeable (79% extremely so)

100% felt that the course provider's communication skills were 'very clear'

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This 90 mins course explores poetry as a genre and how to teach it well and with confidence. It takes teachers on a creative writing journey so that they can better understand poetry composition while offering insight and useful takeaways to improve their practice straight away. Often under-explored in primary and KS3, this course ensures that poetry is well and truly on your curriculum map.


100% of participants said they intended to use or apply what they had learnt in their future classroom practice

100% agreed that the workshops had given them confidence in teaching poetry.

100% found the workshop stimulating

100% felt the course provider was knowledgeable

100% of participants would be likely to recommend the workshop to others

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Writing Workshops for Children

I offer enrichment workshops to inspire and nurture creative writing in 9-12 year olds and their teachers. Through my workshops, pupils and teachers will be inspired, encouraged and developed as writers. They will learn how to apply English writing skills in new and exciting ways within meaningful and relevant contexts. Sessions challenge and stimulate confident writers and also encourage and support reluctant writers to find their voice.


Great for the beginning of a unit or as a one - off to boost interest and enthusiasm for English lessons, or as an intellectually stimulating and creative twilight session to inject some va-va-voom into your literacy curriculum, my workshops will inspire children and teachers alike.


I guarantee your reluctant writers will start to sit up and listen and your budding JK Rowlings will be spurred on to write their own bestseller! But don't take my word for it, take a look at the recent testimonials. 

The below workshops can be tailored for teachers as fun and engaging training on creative writing, giving them plenty of inspiration and take-aways for their own literacy lessons.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 09.12.56.png

Poetry: Polevaulting wtih Spaghetti!

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 09.06.52.png

Creative Writing Jam 

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 09.09.57.png

Screen-Writing for Film and TV

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I really, really enjoyed all the challenges. I learnt that you don't need to plan what you're going to do - just let the poems come to you! (that ryhmed!) (Y6 girl)

I used to think poetry was boring, now I don't. I learnt lots and enjoyed everything (Y5 boy) 

I learnt to just let my mind go. It was a challenge because I didn't know stuff I do now. It was the best! (Y6 boy) 

The workshop was a bit challenging , but it made you have a lot of imagination. 

(Y5 girl)

It made me want to do poetry. I have autism but it doesn't stop me doing what I love. (y5 girl) 

I really liked it as with poetry. you get to explore your mind and learn. (Y5 boy) 

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Kate's way of teaching poetry was excellent. It has given me so much inspiration for my own lessons. 

I liked the way it made poetry fun. Children and teachers sometimes think it's difficult when, as you proved, it need not be.

Thank you for delivering a fab workshop. I could have happily spent the entire day doing it!

The children were really engaged. The workshope provided challenge, but the less able were able to contribute too. 

Pupil engagement was very high. I was actually quite surprised at how well some of the lower ability children coped.

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